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Project Phoenix – God’s Gift to a JRPG Fan

There are but a few moments in his life when a man can properly identify a sign from a superior entity. After a long day -work in the morning, came back home to write the final chapter of S-Class, then … Continue reading

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Dragon Age – Degradation

You may have heard of a little company called Bioware. No? Well, no biggie. It’s just one of the biggest names in PC gaming development, thanks to its many successful endeavours in Western RPGs. You may have heard of Baldur’s … Continue reading

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Videogames are Art. Deal with it.

I have a bone to pick with Roger Ebert. … Wait, that makes me sound like an asshole, doesn’t it? Not only is he one of the greatest movie critics of all time, co-creator of a show which never lost … Continue reading

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