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Introducing the PokéGantz

Hello there! I’m finally going to play my copy of Pokémon Alpha Sapphire -after finishing both Bayonettas- and I felt like doing a Nuzlocke but there was the problem that I’d also like to complete the Pokédex this time, but … Continue reading

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Meinos Views – Psycho Pass 01

How did I end up watching this series? Well, the process was: see article about the second season—>read that it was made to succeed Mamoru Ooshi’s works—>watch Psycho Pass. I’m a big fan of Patlabor, even if I still have … Continue reading

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This is something that I’ve been writing on the side. It surged from an aborted Fanfiction about a certain Tactical RPG. The concept I came up with is good. Too good to waste on a fanfiction. So, years after that fanfiction’s original incipit, I … Continue reading

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