My Shows

My Youtube Shows

Drive-25-26Kamen Rider Review – The king series of Tokusatsu keeps pumping out great heroes since the sixties… Alongside some turds. *COUGHDECADECOUGH* Join me as I review in biweekly videos the new entries. I’m currently reviewing Kamen Rider Drive.

Meinos Kaen Gaming – My other big passion is videogames. Check my gaming channel for reviews, Let’s Play and editorials. The latter include many topics other than gaming.

My Mixlr Shows

Mixlr-AvatarKeyboard Heroes – What happens when an easily angered Italian, an Englishman with the sense of humor to match, a suave Mexican living in cali and a Romanian who goes parachuting come together online to talk about geeky stuff? Keyboard Heroes, that’s what!

MeinosMentaries – Mystery Science Theater did it first, and did it real well… So I decided to give myself a handicap and make audio commentaries of movies on Mixlr. My challenge to myself is: keep you entertained using only my voice and the audio from famous movies.

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