My Works

127749470-176-k859336My Writing – As many of my generation, I started by writing Fanfiction. Aka, stories made using characters and places from other, more famous authors. I’ve been in love with Japanese Manga and Anime growing up, so that’s where you’ll find most of my efforts have gone over my teenhood.

I’m now focusing on creating my own 100% original stories, which you can find on my Wattpad profile. You can choose between S-Class, a sci-fi action adventure set in a future where everyone has superpowers, and War of Kings (Tentative title :P), a fantasy war thriller where an ancient technology risks undoing the very fabric of the world.


HEROinfo4My Youtube Channels – Plural, because the first one I started focusing on one of my greatest loves, the Kamen Rider series. And that’s what the channel is all about. If you’re also a fan or just interested in discovering what Japan’s most well known Tokusatsu franchise is all about, give a click right here.

The second channel is called Meinos Kaen Gaming, but while its focus is on Videogames, you’ll also find videos talking about Comics, Movies, everything really, almost always from the PoV of someone who’s studying and specializing in Marketing and Business Organization and Communications (that’s me). You can find it right here.

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