PC VS Console – No Winner

PCMasterLittle premise: I’m a panstational gamer. I have a PC, which is only the last of a long dinasty. I have all the consoles Sony ever made. I have from GBA to 3DSXL. I have from Nintendo 64 to WiiU. I always played all sides. I’ve come to known the strength and weaknesses of each one. And between the many, right now? I prefer playing on my PC. And so, in this day after easter, I want to come out say:

Could some PC Gamers please stop moaning and bitching about how ‘consoles are holding gaming back’? Continue reading

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vlcsnap-2015-03-22-13h07m42s78You can watch the video version of this here.

Let me start by stating: putting a demo for a game as an exclusive for a preordered game is dumb. The purpose of a demo is to give to as many people as possible a taste of your upcoming product. Give them a free appetizer to keep them in the restaurant for the 70 quid dish.

But considering how my playthrough of it went through? I think they may have done that on purpose. If after everything Square has done someone is still dumb enough to preorder anything from them, they’ll be dumb enough to still buy FFXV after playing this demo. Continue reading

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Character Agency – It’s actually a good thing

LaraCharacter. Agency. We’ve heard these two words used in tandem one after the other very often, lately. Mostly in a negative fashion, used to attack or vilify cultural products. “How dare you give that character sexy clothes! Won’t you think about her agency?!”

“How dare you have enemies force this situation on this character?! Won’t you think of her agency?!”

“How dare you have this character be able to die in gruesome ways while attempting incredibly dangerous stunts! Will SOMEONE think of the AGENCY?!” Continue reading

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A writer to the Movies – Kingsman (Or, the turd among chocolates)

KingsmanLet me tell you a story about a movie that I greatly enjoyed watching. It was Roman Polanski’s -who, as questionable a person he may be is a good director- Ghost Writer. It was a very well written thriller, a great movie to this day that nonetheless left me infuriated, for the simple fact that the ending made no sense whatsoever compared to the rest of the movie. It made no sense for that scene to be there, to happen.

Kingsman is similar in that fashion. Even with a couple plotholes, it’s an A-grade action movie… Then dat joke happens. Continue reading

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Muh Cinematic Foot in Mouth

CorrAaaaaaand that cinches it. The Order 1886 will probably never have a sequel unless the sales are astronomically high or there’s a PR miracle. The higher ups of SCE better put a muzzle on their Santa Monica studios and Ready at Dawn. These guys can’t seem to use twitter or make an interview without somehow finding themselves tasting sole. And I’m talking filthy jogging sneaker rubber sole, here. No Armani.

Of all the follow ups to The Order 1886 debacle these people could have had, this is one of the stupidest and most suicidal I could have ever imagined. Continue reading

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Muh Cinematic Feelz

468px-Order_1866_image001Disclaimer: This was supposed to be a video, but The Order 1886’s developers already shut down one channel because of footage of the game.

Cinematic feel. This word has been used more and more, recently. Two instances of which were particularly bad. One came from Ubisoft, and the second from Ready at Dawn. Both to explain why their games run on 30fps. On Ubisoft’s part it was just an excuse. They still haven’t managed to crack all the potential of the PS4 so, to keep the console graphics high, they had to cut on framerate. It’s a simple technical limit on their part that they didn’t want to admit.

The other, more recent and in my opinion more important case, is with The Order 1886. This game, by developer Ready at Dawn, has a number of problems. Like having developers without a good PR manager to tell them to stop shoving foot in mouth. They have defended their usage of 30fps saying that it gave the game a more ‘cinematic feel’. Just like Ubisoft. But unlike Ubisoft? I have a nagging suspicion that these guys believe what they’re saying. And that’s bad. Continue reading

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American Sniper Review – Learn to leave politics at the door

2015-01-23-AMERICANSNIPERbiggerThree bits of before hand information.

First: I had no idea who Chris Kyle was before going into the movie. I knew that it was based on a true story but I didn’t know all the details.

Second: I’m not American. I live in Italy and on top of that I’m fairly critical of patriotism, which I believe can sometimes blind you.

Third: I know all the considerations about what Chris Kyle was really like. Some say he was a psycho, others a saint, yadda yadda yadda. I’m going to judge American Sniper on its own grounds as a movie and a story. Nothing else.

So let me start with my final consideration before going into the detailed review: I liked American Sniper, found it a greatly filmed, acted and edited movie, made with the purpose of making you think. Also, if this was supposed to be a patriotic movie it’s the least patriotic movie I’ve ever seen. Continue reading

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