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S-CLASS – Chapter IX

The newest chapter of my Sci-Fi adventure is up on Wattpad! Check it out! The little wench… She had changed. Where once there were nails, there now stood long, sharp looking claws, now wet with the teacher’s blood. Her canines … Continue reading

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This is something that I’ve been writing on the side. It surged from an aborted Fanfiction about a certain Tactical RPG. The concept I came up with is good. Too good to waste on a fanfiction. So, years after that fanfiction’s original incipit, I … Continue reading

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New Cover Contest

Hello, thar. Meinos Kaen here! I’ve opened a contest to design a new cover here at 99Designs. Please let me know in the comments what do you think about the entries, and if there are any cover book designers among … Continue reading

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