Absolute Zero – An Interview with BoneGolem

time_for_ethics_by_vinnythecake-d8swts5Ladies and gentlemen, today I have something special and exclusive tied to #GamerGate and #DeepFreeze. For those not in the known, www.deepfreeze.it is a database-like site born from the GamerGate controversy. It contains a list of people and sites related to game journalism and each one has various entries about their involvement in possible breaches of ethics in the profession. Considering the weight of the industry and how much its situation is starting to look like 1983 all over again, there’s no understating the importance of this kind of knowledge.

The brain behind the site, BoneGolem, has accepted to be interviewed by me. To talk about his motivations, his creature and to relay a message to #GamerGate. Continue reading

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S-CLASS – Chapter IX

SPadThe newest chapter of my Sci-Fi adventure is up on Wattpad! Check it out!

The little wench… She had changed.

Where once there were nails, there now stood long, sharp looking claws, now wet with the teacher’s blood. Her canines had lengthened and sharpened. Coupled with the glare she was giving her, it was like Kaytlin was staring at a rabid animal that had just attacked her.

She screamed and fell to the ground, grabbing at her abdomen.

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Time Machine – The Robins

robin_robin_robin_by_duss005-d4chmwgSomething kind of awesome happened yesterday. I was contacted via email by someone called Marko. He hangs around the Comic Book Resources forums and during a discussions about Batman’s Robins, my name came up, tied to a post I made on my old blog, Storie in Rosso, in 2011/2012. This guy looked for me, found another never updated site and contacted me asking if I had a copy of the article to share. Well, as a matter of fact I do.

Below is the original article. No changes. But because I really liked this little surprise, I’ll do one better and post an updated version later on. 🙂 Enjoy! Continue reading

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Stop perpetuating ignorance

nJf8gyxAnother ‘mysterious’ death of a black person while in police custody. Another justified outrage by the black community, with a peaceful march of protest. Another group of assholes who ruin things and make things only worse. Let’s include a lot of american media outlets in this last group.

Because if the situation is so polarized that a lot of people can only see in black and white is also their god-damn fault. Continue reading

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Steam is not Innocent

SteamValve has turned, in one move, in one of the worst companies I know of. They turned the mod scene into a clandestine dog-fighting ring, where Steam is the shady owner of the ring who, along with the dogs’ owner, prods and pushes the dogs to fight each other to the death with the promise of a succulent steak and the threat of violence. And if that wasn’t bad enough he also gives the dogs some tips onto how best to cheat and kill their fellow dogs.

Grim, I know. But let’s deconstruct this metaphore and see how it applies to this Modding clusterfuck. Continue reading

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So Ice-Man is a Lesbian, I guess?

IcemanSo… Iceman is gay. Except he’s not. I mean he is in the past. But not in the future. Well he is in the future. Jean Grey outs him from the past in the future, but the Bobby from the future in the future is straight. Also, since being a mutant was already a good metaphore for being gay does that make him double gay? As in straight? Huu…

… Yeah. This is a clusterfuck. Continue reading

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Za Warudo of Social Fails

Twitter Fail!I’ve had two lucks. The first is growing up alongside the internet and social media, slowly getting accustomed to them as I got older. I wasn’t dropped onto it as a teen or young adult. My parents were thankfully wise and farseeing. The second is choosing to study communication and then marketing, which gives me a vantage point when it comes to understanding certain… Alien behaviours. So, I thought I’d try and give miss Georgina Young an answer to this article from that PoV, and the answer is:

It’s not just gaming. It’s the world that has a PR problem when it comes to social media. Continue reading

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